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hair gum

200ml | 500ml Hold 7 | Shine 4 Essential tool, strong as a glue for styling with 24h hold and wet look effect .

katharsis all Over

300ml | 1000ml Shampoo for deep cleansing and ultimate softness for daily treatment with active olive oil

root booster mat

30ml Hold 3 | Shine 0 Barber powder-salt for volume, usage for a completely matte effect. Use: Spread it directly on the hair. Alternatively apply it with the hands from root to tips.

sculpting Cream of Corn

200ml Hold 6 | Shine 3 For sculpting with solid hold, without alcohol and fat . Use: 4-8g Cream of Corn and in the next two minutes create the ultimate sculpture. Its strength increases in dry hair and leaves no residue.

πilos mat

100ml Hold 5 | Shine 1 Matte clay molding for a messy finish with solid hold and light texture. Use: Rub on fingers until to absorb heat and apply to dry hair for a matte and messy shape.


water soluble | 75ml Hold 4 | Shine 4 Pomade for molding with normal hold. Use: A small amount that we warm well by rubbing it on the palms, is applied on dry or slightly wet hair.