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Safe Color Tenivita Coloring Cream

Cream color with olive oil. In 97 shades with the power of olive oil for amazing shine. 100% reliable reflets. Long lasting colors. 100gr and amazing price. Mixing with TeniVita Oxycreme 1/11/5 for 2.5 tons highlighting and 1/2 for 4 tons highlighting. Dermatologically Tested.

Color Myst Double

There are only 16 basic shades in 200ml. Exclusively professional, perfectly combined with the existing dyehouse. Absolute tone height, perfect white hair coverage.

Bran Treatment

The hair foam with seed extract has special nutritional and regenerative properties. As a result, It gives to the dye mixture a 50% increase in cosmetics.

Pictura non ammonia

No ammonia. No paraphenylenediamine. Dermatologically Tested. Excellent coverage. Incredible reflection of intense color. Opening 2/3 tons. Soft texture and delicate aroma. 33 shades.

Bleach&Color Cream

The new discoloration and color system comes with an effect that would have been impossible before, in a short time and with a single action. It is less aggressive because it contains highly concentrated emollient and protective oils. The product can be used on the hair roots, as it is dermatologyical tested.

Color One Mask Semi-permanent Mask Paint

Water lily and zozoba without ammonia. Adds brightness to natural or dyed hair, improves existing tones in natural or gray hair. Colors the already highlighted tufts that have been highlighted with Bleach & Color . Light hair coloring with warm color, shine enchantment and tone enrichment to meche or highlighted hair ... Now it is possible, quickly and easily with the new semi-permanent Color One. The 17 shades in the color chart can be mixed, giving countless shades and / or mixed with the new 000 Pastel color in different proportions, according to the desired pastel result. Active ingredients: Blue water lily: Anti- aging water lily extracts, rich in anti-aging vitamins that make the color last longer. Water absorption is minimized and the hair drys faster.