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Shampoo Aloe& Wheat Protein

Neutral shampoo with pH 6.5 In two types and 3 perfumes. Aloe Vera with aloe and bitter almond aroma. Wheat protein and Aloe Vera with Buble gum aroma . Both shampoos respect the hands that bathe. The hair does not turn heavy, does not harden and shine. In package 1000ml, 4000ml and with dispenser for the bath.

Post Color Shampoo

Acid shampoo pH 4.8. Restores the hair after the oxidative operations in order to preserve the color. Hydrates and secures the colorist 's work after the client leaves the salon. Extremely moisturizing, with a sunscreen and a wonderful aroma. With an amazing price in 1000ml, 4000ml and with a dispenser for the bath.

Shampoo Mauve Antiyellow

300ml | 1000ml With Water Lilly extract . Shampoo “Silvery” gives a clear blonde without yellowing after dyeing or discoloration. Suitable for home maintenance. Also suitable for white hair. It contains Water Lilly that guarantees better smoothing and treatment of dyed hair. Dispenser included.

Conditioner Herbal

Acidic pH 4. With profound results on hair damaged by technical work. In very competitive sizes and price. Packaging in 1000ml, 4000ml and with dispenser for the bath.